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Daily Activities

Sydney Health & Care Services staff can assist with and/or supervise personal tasks of daily life to enable participants to live autonomously and comfortably. SHCS have highly qualified and trained employees who are passionate and eager to assist participants who require support with their daily personal activities.

Our team at SHCS offers assistance and support to ensure your day-to-day routine and personal tasks are both manageable and achievable. As part of our personal activities assistance, we offer flexible support tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Whether you require temporary home-based care to assist you or your family or require more extensive and long-term personal activities assistance. We are the name in the industry you can trust and rely on for quality care. To ensure a high standard of quality and care is upheld you will be assisted by our highly skilled and experienced employees who will ensure they meet your needs.

These individual supports can be provided in a range of environments, including but not limited to, the participant’s own home, and their immediate social environment.

Some of our In-home supports include but not limited to:

Assistance with showering, dressing and grooming

Assistance with mobility and exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Basic Domestic Duties

Support with shopping, meal preparation and cooking

Assistance Participants overnight

Active care overnight

Some of our In-community supports include but not limited to:

Assisting participants to access other programs (swimming club, sports, or their local RSL club).

Assisting participants to attend appointments.

Support participants to access recreational activities such as a concert or gallery.

Assisting participants shopping.

Assisting participants to attend community events.

Active care overnight

What’s the NDIS?

Am I eligible?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a way of providing Australians under 65 who permanent and or significant disability, with funding to receive the necessary care and supports to achieve their goals.

For more information about The NDIS and eligibility please visit the NDIS website here or get in touch with us

Revolutionise your NDIS Experience

SHCS understands that daily assistance will differ from person to person so there are no restrictions in what, when, and how we provide our support services. Therefor upon our service booking consultation we ask you a series of question to best enable us to understand how, when, and what supports you are seeking. With this information we allocate the best fit carer for you who shares mutual interests and understanding assisting both the carer and yourself to build an everlasting professional relationship.

Our personalised daily assistance support services assist you to:


Be Independent


Spend time with family and friends.


Attend appointments or recreational events.


Receive overnight support.


Be part of your community.


Receive support with meal preparation and domestic chores.

Contact Sydney Health & Care Services to see how we can best fit your wants and needs to enable you to enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

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