Plan Management

If you have been approved for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), now is the time to start the assessment and planning process!

SHCS will ensure the process is as simple, hassle-free and time efficient as possible. As part of our supreme quality disability plan management, we offer complete financial management of the supports outlined in your plan. Our service includes the management of:

How can we help?

Our friendly staff at SHCS will support you on your journey and endeavour to deliver a holistic approach to your disability plan management. Not only are our staff fully qualified and dedicated to meeting your needs, but they will also work to strengthen your abilities to give you more control of the circumstances in your life.

Revolutionise your NDIS Experience

With our extensive knowledge of the NDIS, our team at SHCS can identify alternative ways to support you when you need assistance. Our priority is ensuring you receive the best care and support through out your journey with SHCS.

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