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Make the most of your NDIS funding.

Finally get access to the right support that serves you. We make things easier for you by taking over the paperwork, including invoices and payments. Plus, we can help you manage your budget and keep track of your funds and make the most of your NDIS funding.

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Do you need more choice and control over your NDIS supports?

Are you unsure how to use your NDIS plan to access the best support? We’ll help you choose and manage the best NDIS services for your individual needs, whether provided by an NDIS-registered provider or a non-registered provider. We understand that everyone’s support needs are different, so we work hard to make sure that you get the most out of your NDIS plan and can live your best life.

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Stay on top of invoices and easily track your NDIS funding

Leave the stress of invoice payments behind. We handle all of the messy paperwork quickly and easily so you can stay on top of your NDIS budget. At SHCS, we make it simple for you to manage your spending so that you can get back to living life without worrying about being behind of payments.

Supports that works around YOU

We'll help you juggle between providers

Whether you need support for in-home care, therapy or transport services – we give you the freedom to select your own provider. With our extensive network of NDIS providers, you can be sure to receive quality support tailored to your needs.

Finally have invoices & claims taken care of

Processing invoices and claims can be a hassle, so we'll take care of the hard work for you. All you have to do is send us your provider details, and we'll take care of everything else. Now you can get on with what really matters — living life.

Make the most out of every dollar

It can sometimes be difficult to stay within your budget. That’s why SHCS can help you manage your spending and make sure you are getting the best possible value for your money. No longer risk under or overspending.

Have 100% freedom over your finances

With the right help, you can take control of your finances without feeling trapped in NDIS services that don't meet your needs. You don't have to feel overwhelmed managing invoices and claims on your own.

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Questions we get often...

We offer complete NDIS admin support to help you manage your funds effectively. We make it easy for you to claim from the NDIS in line with the price guide and provide you with advice whenever you need it. We also ensure that your service providers get paid quickly and easily. You’ll also receive monthly statements from us.

It’s important to keep track of your spending and remain within the allocated budget for each funding category. If you overspend, please contact your plan manager immediately to discuss how it can be resolved. Your plan manager can also advise you on how to manage your finances more effectively in the future.

NDIS Plan Management provides support to help people with a disability manage their plans, so they can access and purchase the supports needed to lead an ordinary life. It involves organising and coordinating support, tracking and monitoring expenditures, paying providers on behalf of the participant and providing financial advice.

If your needs change, please contact your plan manager as soon as possible so they can help you update and adjust your NDIS plan accordingly. Your plan manager can help you access the right support and services to meet your new requirements. You should also inform your service providers of any changes in your NDIS plan so they can provide you with the appropriate level of care.

Your plan manager will provide regular monthly spending reports to help you track your NDIS budget. We also provide annual review reports which outline how your funds have been spent throughout the year. These reports are important for monitoring and evaluating the progress of your NDIS plan. If you need additional support or information, please contact us anytime.

An NDIS plan manager is responsible for managing your NDIS budget and ensuring it is used per the terms of your funding agreement. They can also help you access appropriate support services, review and update your funding plan, manage payments to providers and provide ongoing advice and support. If you’re based in Sydney, we can provide you with a dedicated plan manager to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan.