Reclaim your independence

Feel supported and empowered as you take the first step towards a brighter future by exploring our Supported Independent Living vacancies and NDIS housing options in Sydney. Find a place you can call home.

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Get more freedom to do the things you love

Your freedom is a hefty price to pay for admission into aged care facilities. What if you could get back to the things you love without sacrificing your privacy or quality support? A better life is around the corner. Check our Supported Independent Living vacancies now.

4.7 out of 26 reviews
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Form friendships without being forced into routine

Find a place where you feel you truly belong. Giving you a sense of community and a space where you can share with like-minded housemates that know that privacy is essential for everyone.

4.7 out of 26 reviews

What our participants had to say

The SIL Support you need to live a more fulfilled life

Access quality facilities with your own space

Everything you need in an accessible accommodation in Sydney to give you the comforts of home without sacrificing your privacy and own space.

Regain Your Freedom, Independence, and Privacy

Your experience with us is 100% tailored to how you like to do things. No more stringent rules and irrelevant activities.

Access A Supportive Community of Like-Minded People

Connect with super supportive individuals like you enjoying access to a friendly community and various activities.

Get the Personalised Care That You Deserve

Everyone is different. We work to understand your needs and the delicate nature of showering, dressing, and grooming.

Get Help with Cooking & Household Tasks

Whether you want assistance or us to do it for you, our SIL support services are here to make your life easier with everyday chores and tasks.

4.7 out of 26 reviews
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Talk to us about NDIS Housing and SIL support in Sydney

4.7 out of 26 reviews

Questions we get asked about our NDIS Housing and Supported Independent Living Vacancies

During our initial consultation, we aim to pair you with the other housemates with same hobbies or similar interests.

Certainly not, you are your own person; your routine is tailor made to your requirements.

All activities are scheduled according to your preference, whether it’s a trip to the beach or local art classes under the NDIS.

You’ll have your own fully furnished bedroom with a TV and qualified staff on hand to ensure your privacy is always maintained.