About Us

Who Are We?

Sydney Health & Care Services (SHCS) is a passionate, enthusiastic, and innovative organisation which is focused on supporting, assisting, and promoting their participants throughout the course of their lives to achieve goals and live a joyful life without any boundaries. Whether it be learning new skills, enhancing current skills, trying new experiences or just wanting to have a go SHCS will be with you at every stage.

We are a registered NDIS service provider which provide a vast rage of services under the NDIS scope.

NDIS Provider Number – 4050019812

What We Do?

Sydney Health & Care Services is a disability service provider who empower their participants to reach their goals as well as realise and explore their potential. SHCS provides disability support services throughout the Sydney Metropolitan as well as rural NSW, with prospects to expand interstate.

At SHCS we offer more than just a service, we like to think of ourselves as being part of a large family who are always here to support that’s why we believe no task too big or no care too small. Our employees and participants almost always develop a bond that exceeds an ordinary work relationship.

Here at SHCS, we gain family members, not clients. These are the values we at SHCS implement from Day 1. We aim to operate with high standards and outstanding values, because we believe that you deserve a service provided with great care, respect, and dignity. Welcome to the Sydney Health & Care Services family.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unprecedented quality and flexible “one stop shop” care for our participants, we work hard with third party organisations and our employees to broaden our service scope to enhance participants lifestyle and choice for maximum inclusion in the community.

Our Values

Respect – Value every individual

Everyone in our organisation from employees to participants and management are treated with upmost respect, dignity, and equality ensuring we uphold a high level of professionalism.

Innovative – We are always thinking of ways to improve and enhance participant experience and lifestyle.

We are constantly exploring new ways to provide a vast rage of recreational activities as well as providing niche services to develop new skills.

Empathetic – always caring for one another.

We show understanding of everyone’s decisions, priorities and commitments, therefore we develop a plan based on your needs, wants and hobbies, to ensure your are maximizing your benefits and enhancing your lifestyle goals.

Integrity – always doing what’s right

At SHCS we are built on the foundations of trust, honestly and highest standards of ethics.

Our Vision

Our responsibility as a disability provider is to make sure every individual is receiving the highest quality and standard of care possible and that all their hobbies, goals, and “bucket list” achievements are achieved. We believe that no individual should be deprived of or miss out on their aspirations, thus we empower everyone to get out there and have a go and never doubt your ability.

We develop a plan based on your needs, wants and hobbies

Our Team

Our qualified staff are compassionate and dedicated hard workers. Having been thoroughly trained in-house in addition to their own experience & qualifications, they are competent to deal with any and every task.

Not just that, our employees are multi-lingual speaking numerous languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Somali, Amharic, Italian, and Spanish thus eliminating any language barriers or cultural differences/clashes any participant may encounter, with this we ensure that a high quality of service will be delivered by us.

Some of our specialist staff include:

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