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Raise Your Voice — Helping You Overcome Speech Difficulties

Communication matters a lot in our daily lives. It’s how we share thoughts and emotionally connect with others. But for some people with disabilities, it’s tougher than most realise. Trouble saying sounds right? Not able to express your thoughts clearly? Need to improve your reading and writing? Dealing with stuttering? You’re not alone. All these challenges make life a bit harder, making you feel isolated with no one who understands you. But, don’t worry, with a personalised plan for NDIS speech therapy, we can resolve this together – so you can l

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Speak your mind confidently

Finding a speech therapist who gets you can be tough. NDIS speech therapy involves creating a real connection. It’s like looking for someone who gets how you think, especially when saying what’s on your mind is hard. Progress can be challenging and might even mess with your emotions and sense of self-worth. 

But here’s the good news — NDIS speech therapy is more than just putting sentences together. It’s about making sure your voice and feelings are truly heard. Your voice matters, and we’re here to help you say what you want with confidence.

4.7 out of 26 reviews
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It’s not just a session - it’s about making progress

The goal of NDIS speech therapy is to help improve your communication skills, be it talking or listening. You don’t want sessions that feel like they’re just ticking boxes; you want to see real, tangible progress over time. That means working with someone who is prepared to walk the path with you, step by step, making sure each session contributes to the ultimate goal: meaningful and sustained improvement in communication. This isn’t just about getting better; it’s about staying better.

4.7 out of 26 reviews
NDIS Speech Therapy

What our participants had to say

Heela K.
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Would definitely recommend this service to anyone in need of a disability service. They treat their clients with the uttermost respect and their staff are very polite with noticeably advanced skills.
Omar B.
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I was amazed at their level of attention and expertise they provided. This is a wonderful institution that is dedicated to servicing the needs of Older and Disabled people in our local community.
Mahmoud A.
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The very finest, and most certainly a professional centre. Great institution caring for older people and disabled people in its community. Dedicated staff, extraordinary services.
Yogirl B.
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They genuinely cared for someone I know with a disability by regularly checking up and following up on progress. We are really happy to have found a group that care about disabled people and want to see positive progress in their life.
Adam N.
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Great professional care , with dedicated staff who are friendly and always willing to assist. Thank you for your service
Mariam Y.
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Respectful and awesome attitude every home visit i've had. Great team!
Jameil H.
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Friendly staff with professional service. Thank you SHCS.
Billal H.
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Really nice people carrying workers very polite.

Your voice takes centre stage

You’re not just a passive NDIS participant; you’re the driver of your progress. The right therapist listens, adapts, and shapes the therapy to reflect what you’re experiencing and aiming for. This approach turns the whole process into something far more personal, empowering, and effective.

Our NDIS speech therapy helps participants who have challenges with:


Correcting and improving pronunciation of words. This includes learning how to say sounds and syllables correctly. It helps make your speech clearer and easier to understand.


Speaking and understanding others in a more practical way. It's about using words effectively in everyday talk. It focuses on making you better at using a language in real-life situations.


Using your vocal cords to speak more clearly. This involves exercises to make your voice stronger and more controlled. It's about ensuring your words are clear and easy to hear.


Helping you manage stuttering and cluttering. This is about making your speech flow smoothly. It aims to make your words come out steadily and without interruption.


Improving your reading and writing skills. This is more than just recognising words; it's about understanding and interacting with written material. It helps you get more out of reading and writing.

4.7 out of 26 reviews
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NDIS speech therapy that speaks to your budget

Finding NDIS speech therapy that fits into your budget can often be as challenging as the therapy itself. With SHCS, you don’t have to worry about the cost overshadowing your goals. It’s designed to be affordable, making sure you get the quality support you deserve without breaking the bank. This means you can focus more on finding your voice and less on the expense.

4.7 out of 26 reviews
Break the silence and start speaking confidently

Join our NDIS speech therapy program today.

Speak now, not later — no waiting, just improving

Often, you’re faced with long waits due to high demand, and those waiting lists just add more time before you can get started. But your time matters too. How about we test a different scenario – one where therapy is within reach and responds quickly? Here, the aim is to cut through the delays, bringing you support without the long wait. This is to make sure you start improving your speech now, not later, because your progress shouldn’t have to wait.

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4.7 out of 26 reviews

Questions around NDIS speech therapy

Speech pathology is a specialised field that assists people with communication and swallowing difficulties. If expressing yourself is challenging or if your speech isn’t as clear as you’d like, speech pathology can offer significant assistance. A speech pathologist can help you by assessing your needs and providing therapy tailored to improve your ability to speak, listen, understand language, read, write, and swallow.

If you have an NDIS plan, it is likely to include support for ‘Capacity Building’, which includes ‘Improved Daily Living’, and speech pathology is categorised here. To access NDIS speech pathology services, you can connect with a provider who understands your specific condition and can offer a therapy plan that fits within your NDIS funding. 

Certainly. A professional speech pathologist will customise their therapy methods to suit your unique communication challenges. They’ll adjust their techniques based on your feedback, progress, and any specific obstacles you face. Treatment is a joint effort, with the pathologist valuing your input and making adjustments as needed. Tailoring the approach makes sure that therapy is effective and aligned with your personal goals.

Yes, it is not just possible but also an expectation that your speech pathologist should focus on your long-term progress. When choosing a speech pathology service, seek a provider committed to long-term goals and who understands your unique journey. They should be willing to build a lasting relationship, focusing on your future growth and continued improvement in communication.

Many speech pathology services now offer flexible options beyond traditional in-person sessions. Mobile speech pathology allows the therapist to come to you, offering therapy in the comfort of your familiar surroundings. Alternatively, telehealth services have become increasingly effective, enabling you to receive therapy via video calls from home.

Speech pathologists are trained to manage swallowing disorders or dysphagia. If you experience any difficulty swallowing food or liquids safely, a speech pathologist can help by providing targeted exercises, suggesting dietary adjustments, or teaching strategies to facilitate easier swallowing. This can help reduce the risk of complications and improve your overall well-being.

As a newcomer to NDIS, checking your eligibility for funding is the first step. Following eligibility confirmation, the process involves discussing your unique communication challenges during the planning phase. It’s important to clearly express the impact of your communication barriers on daily life to make sure that speech therapy is included in your NDIS plan. NDIS support coordinators or local area coordinators can guide you through this process.

Choosing the right speech pathologist involves finding a professional who resonates with your personal experience and understands your communication goals. It might be helpful to meet with several speech pathologists to determine who you feel most comfortable with. The flexibility of NDIS allows you to select a provider who feels like the right match for you.

Speech pathology services cover a broad range of communication aspects, including social communication. If you find it challenging to engage in social environments or to understand social cues and conversation flows, a speech pathologist can include these skills in your therapy plan, helping to improve your interactions and boost your social confidence.

The NDIS program is designed to adapt to your changing needs. If you experience shifts in your abilities or goals, it’s possible to revise your NDIS plan to make sure your therapy aligns with your current circumstances. This makes sure that you continually receive appropriate support throughout your journey.

4.7 out of 26 reviews