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A place where you come first

Finding NDIS-friendly short-term or medium-term accommodation often feels like a wild goose chase. It seems like no one really understands what you’re looking for. Here, it’s all about you. Your comfort, your dignity, and your sense of belonging aren’t just added perks—it’s the blueprint for everything. No more feeling like a box to be checked. You can finally have a home where you’re truly seen and valued, right from the moment you step in. Think it’s too good to be true? Think again. Welcome to where you’ve always belonged.

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Around-the-clock support that feels like family

Worrying about being left to handle things alone, especially during odd hours, is pretty common, isn’t it? It’s like, will there be someone to call at 3 AM if something goes wrong? Well, in NDIS short term or medium term accommodation, “We’re here for you 24/7” is more than just a slogan. No matter what time it is, there’s a team ready to support you. People who not only get what you need but also treat you with the warmth and respect you deserve. You’ll always have someone to lean on so you feel safe and genuinely cared for. That kind of round-the-clock support? It turns “a place to stay” into “a place you can call home”.

4.7 out of 26 reviews

Welcome to where everyone knows your name

It’s normal to be anxious about feeling left out and alone in new surroundings. But in NDIS short and medium-term accommodation, you can forget feeling isolated and give your social life a major upgrade. Here, it’s all about community vibes and making connections that feel like family. Be less of a lone ranger and become a part of a lively, bustling community from the moment you arrive. It’s a place where your presence matters, and your absence is felt, turning what could have been just another stay into a memorable chapter of your life.

4.7 out of 26 reviews
short term and medium term accommodations ndis

What our participants had to say

Heela K.
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Would definitely recommend this service to anyone in need of a disability service. They treat their clients with the uttermost respect and their staff are very polite with noticeably advanced skills.
Omar B.
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I was amazed at their level of attention and expertise they provided. This is a wonderful institution that is dedicated to servicing the needs of Older and Disabled people in our local community.
Mahmoud A.
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The very finest, and most certainly a professional centre. Great institution caring for older people and disabled people in its community. Dedicated staff, extraordinary services.
Yogirl B.
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They genuinely cared for someone I know with a disability by regularly checking up and following up on progress. We are really happy to have found a group that care about disabled people and want to see positive progress in their life.
Adam N.
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Great professional care , with dedicated staff who are friendly and always willing to assist. Thank you for your service
Mariam Y.
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Respectful and awesome attitude every home visit i've had. Great team!
Jameil H.
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Friendly staff with professional service. Thank you SHCS.
Billal H.
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Really nice people carrying workers very polite.

Define your stay on your own terms

Sometimes, stepping into a new place feels like there’s this invisible line where your freedom ends and their rules begin. That’s a tough pill to swallow, especially when you’re all about doing things on your terms. The great thing about short-term and medium-term accommodation with NDIS is it adapts to you and your lifestyle, not the other way around. This is where living on your terms isn’t just welcomed; it’s celebrated. Here, support doesn’t mean restrictions; it means freedom to live your life, your way, with all the backup you need, when you need it. 

Short-term accommodation

It’s your home away from home with all the support you need wrapped up in one neat package. Chill in a place that's set up just for you, enjoy a change of scenery, meet new people, and learn a few things in a completely safe spot.

Medium-term accommodation

 It’s a place you can land on both feet while you're sorting out your next move. You can kick back, have all the support you need, and keep things steady while you figure out the long-term plan.

4.7 out of 26 reviews
Need a supportive getaway?

Explore our specialised short and medium-term stays, designed with NDIS participants in mind, offering comfort and care away from home.

You’re in the right place

Ever wish for a break where the biggest worry is what book to read or what snack to munch on next? A place where the usual hurdles take a backseat, and you can just relax. Kick off your search for short and medium-term NDIS accommodation with a chat that’s as easy as pie, where you say what you need, and that’s it—no jumping through hoops, no oversharing. Just a simple, “Here’s what I’m looking for,” with the peace of mind that your privacy’s a top priority and there’s zero pressure. 

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4.7 out of 26 reviews

Questions around short term and medium term accommodation NDIS

NDIS short term accommodations and medium term accommodations are vetted to ensure they meet strict accessibility standards, including wheelchair access, grab rails in bathrooms, and step-free entryways. Before you book, we can walk you through the specific features of each accommodation, ensuring it matches your needs perfectly.

If your NDIS plan includes funding for short term accommodation or medium term accommodation, this usually covers the cost of your stay. We recommend checking your plan to confirm what’s covered. If you’re unsure, we can guide you through the process, helping you understand your funding and how to use it for your stay.

That’s why we focus on transparency and genuine reviews from past guests. Our accommodations are selected based on strict criteria for comfort, accessibility, and positive feedback. We aim to rebuild your trust by offering clear, honest information and support throughout your booking and stay.

Our support staff are more than just employees; they’re empathetic individuals trained to understand a wide range of disabilities and needs. Continuous training ensures they’re up to date with best practices in care and support. We also match staff expertise to your specific needs, ensuring you feel understood and well cared for.

Your health and well-being are important. We try our best to find accommodations that not only meet your accessibility needs but are also conveniently located near essential services, including medical facilities. Let us know your preferences and requirements, and we’ll work to find a place that keeps you connected to your support network.

We’ve made our booking process as straightforward as possible. You can book online or over the phone, with flexibility to cancel or change dates without a headache. We understand that plans can change, especially when health and well-being are involved, so we offer clear, simple policies for adjustments.

Absolutely. When you’re away from home, managing dietary and medical needs is crucial. We have kitchen facilities for you to prepare meals that suit your dietary requirements. Plus, we can recommend local services that cater to specific needs, ensuring you have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Your safety is our top concern. All our accommodations are equipped with safety features, including smoke detectors, emergency exits, and first aid kits. You’ll also have 24/7 access to emergency support, giving you peace of mind that help is always on hand if you need it.

Feeling connected is key to a positive accommodation experience. We encourage a sense of community through shared spaces, organised social activities, and support networks that allow you to meet and interact with others. Plus, our team is always on hand to connect you with local groups and activities that match your interests and also help you try new things.

Respite accommodations are not just places to stay but homes where you can relax during your time away from your usual home and be yourself. Everything is furnished and equipped to offer a warm, inviting environment, with personal touches to make your stay as homely as possible. Let us know what makes you feel at home, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

4.7 out of 26 reviews