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Where accessibility is a standard, not an after-thought

Looking for a home that truly understands accessibility isn’t the easiest task. Too often, it feels like a compromise between functionality and the feeling of home. That’s why we specialise in homes that don’t just have aids and adaptations as an afterthought; we believe in places where every detail serves a purpose. Here, we recognise the uniqueness of your requirements and provide spaces where convenience and independence are given. Welcome to a place where accessibility is in every corner, not just added on.

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Homes that are built with you in mind

There’s a hidden cost in moving that’s all too familiar for those of us needing disability accommodation. It’s not just about the movers or the new curtains—it’s the ramps, widened doorways, and other modifications turning a potential nightmare into a liveable space. This isn’t just about money; it’s the hassle, the time, and the stress. It’s starting from scratch in a place that wasn’t built with you in mind. What if the next move didn’t start with a renovation list but with a sigh of relief? Set your sights on homes that get it right from the start, making “move-in ready” mean exactly that for everyone.

4.7 out of 26 reviews
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Comfortable, not clinical — finding warmth in accessible living

There’s something unsettling about the thought of choosing a home solely on its safety features. Yes, ramps, railings, and non-slip floors are essential for disability accommodation, but where’s the warmth in that? You shouldn’t have to compromise on feeling at home to feel secure. That’s why our focus is on creating environments that hit all the safety marks while still leaving room for that welcoming, “kick-back-and-relax” feeling. Imagine living in a place that takes care of your needs without reminding you of them at every turn—a home that says ‘welcome back’ every time you open the door.

4.7 out of 26 reviews
Disability accommodation

What our participants had to say

Heela K.
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Would definitely recommend this service to anyone in need of a disability service. They treat their clients with the uttermost respect and their staff are very polite with noticeably advanced skills.
Omar B.
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I was amazed at their level of attention and expertise they provided. This is a wonderful institution that is dedicated to servicing the needs of Older and Disabled people in our local community.
Mahmoud A.
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The very finest, and most certainly a professional centre. Great institution caring for older people and disabled people in its community. Dedicated staff, extraordinary services.
Yogirl B.
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They genuinely cared for someone I know with a disability by regularly checking up and following up on progress. We are really happy to have found a group that care about disabled people and want to see positive progress in their life.
Adam N.
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Great professional care , with dedicated staff who are friendly and always willing to assist. Thank you for your service
Mariam Y.
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Respectful and awesome attitude every home visit i've had. Great team!
Jameil H.
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Friendly staff with professional service. Thank you SHCS.
Billal H.
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Really nice people carrying workers very polite.

No more choosing between a home that works and one that wows

An accessible home should not only be designed to make life easier, but should also mirror your personal style. Here, disability accommodation is given a fresh coat of paint. Imagine countertops at the perfect height against a backdrop of your favourite colour scheme or wide doorways that welcome both sunshine and wheelchairs with equal ease. That’s the sort of harmony we aim for—a home that’s as good-looking as it is functional.  It’s high time your home checks off all the boxes, for both your needs and your wants.

Short-Term Accommodation

Think of this as a mini-vacay with benefits for folks with disabilities. It's a temporary setup where you can recharge your batteries, knowing all the support you need is right there with you.

Medium-Term Accommodation

If you're not quite ready to settle down permanently, medium-term accommodation is like a stepping stone. It's a comfy spot to land while you sort out your long-haul living plans, complete with the support you need.

Specialist Disability Accommodation

For those who need a bit more tailored help, specialist disability accommodation is the answer. It's a place designed with you in mind, kitted out with everything to make daily life smoother and more independent.

Supported Independent Living

This one's all about striking a balance. Supported independent living helps you handle the day-to-day on your own turf, with just the right amount of backup to keep you cruising along independently.

4.7 out of 26 reviews

How our NDIS accommodation services support you to live your best life

Helping with personal care

Like showering, getting dressed, and grooming, so you feel fresh and confident.

Assisting with scheduling appointments

And providing transportation, ensuring you never miss events.

Taking care of your laundry needs

So you have clean and fresh clothes ready to wear.

Offering a personalised list of activities

To do regularly, keeping you engaged and socially active.

Cooking delicious meals

That meet your dietary requirements, ensuring you enjoy tasty and nutritious food.​

Reminding you to take your medication

On time, so you stay healthy and on top of your health needs.​

Providing support with household cleaning

Keeping your home tidy and comfortable for you.​


Host heartwarming gatherings in an access-friendly home

Your dream of easy, inclusive hosting is closer than you think. In a home that’s tailored for accessibility, impromptu gatherings and planned parties happen without the worry of ‘will they manage?’. This is a place where friends and family come together effortlessly, and every gathering is a celebration of shared moments in a setting that accommodates everyone’s needs. It’s about making sure good company is the only thing on your agenda when you throw open your doors.

4.7 out of 26 reviews
Seeing is believing — Get a real life look at your future home

You've heard the promises, seen the pictures, but nothing beats witnessing the real deal with your own eyes.

Choose your next home by its panorama, not just its proportions

You’re choosing your next home and the deciding factor? The breathtaking view from the window, not just whether your wheelchair can fit through the front door. You deserve to have that sunlit kitchen or the quiet reading nook you’ve been daydreaming about. It’s time that you find a home that delivers that—and more—with disability accommodation that doesn’t forget the importance of the view from your favourite seat in the house.

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4.7 out of 26 reviews

Questions around disability accommodation

It’s a personal checklist kind of deal—what works for one may not be a priority for another. First off, consider the entrances; a no-step entry is a must for many. Then there’s the space—wide doorways and hallways give you room to move. In the bathroom, you’re looking for roll-in showers and grab bars, and the kitchen should have appliances and counters at just the right height. Remember to take note of switch and outlet placement, too—they should be easy to reach. And don’t underestimate the flooring; slip-resistant is the way to go.

Ask the landlord for a viewing or a virtual tour with a focus on entrances, bathrooms, and any communal areas. If things look promising but you’re not 100% sure, consider getting a professional accessibility assessment done.

Make sure there’s easy access to any outdoor spaces with smooth paths and ramps if needed. Make sure there’s plenty of room to move and enjoy the garden and/or balcony, if there’s any. It’s all about creating an outside space that’s as welcoming as the inside.

Look for local disability services and support groups; they’ve got the know-how and can often provide guidance or point you towards the right resources. Plus, it’s always good to connect with others who get what you’re going through.

Don’t forget the details: Think about things like the height of peepholes on doors, the type of handles on cabinets, and whether lighting controls are within easy reach. Sometimes, it’s the little touches that make a huge difference.

Smart move. Find a place with flexible features—like adjustable counters and removable cabinets. Consider technology that can evolve with your needs, like smart home systems. It’s like future-proofing your pad to make sure it keeps up with any changes down the track.

Your rights matter and knowing them is power. A great place to start is with the Disability Discrimination Act. Also, each state and territory will have their own resources so get familiar with what protections you have; it can make all the difference.

Keep your eyes peeled for potential accessibility barriers. Watch out for steps that could be ramped, bathrooms that might need grab rails or a shower redo, and any tight spots that might need widening. It’s about spotting what could be, not just what is.

Go for an open floor plan—it’s not just spacious; it looks great too. Consider colour contrasts for visibility, and pick furniture that’s both chic and functional.

Want to be a voice for change in your community? Start with your local council—see if there are forums or committees you can join. Connect with advocacy groups, and don’t underestimate the power of sharing your story. You’d be surprised how much impact one person can have.

4.7 out of 26 reviews